Luisa and her magnolia bridal bouquet!

Luisa’s bridal bouquet was one of my all time favorite wedding projects. She had her wedding in Greece and we used that as a inspiration for the bridal bouquet and wedding candles. The main theme was magnolias and olive leaves… she was so beautiful and these amazing photos by DeersPhotography captured the moment perfectly!

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wedding_deersphotography-558 wedding_deersphotography 2 wedding_deersphotography-108 wedding_deersphotography 1


Coral charm peonies in a bridal bouquet recreation!

I often make bridal bouquets having as an inspiration a real bouquet… also I love to make recreation of real wedding bouquets if I find them beautiful and inspirational… so if you wish to hold your bridal bouquet one more time, for years to come, let me know!

recreation of a bridal bouquet - Christine paper design (1) recreation of a bridal bouquet - Christine paper design (2)

Poetry bride – handmade wedding accessories

This is an unique, handmade, bridal headpiece collection, designed for my special brides with delicate paper flowers, pearl and lace embroidery, semi precious stones and crystals.

If you wish to have this bohemian look you can buy these on my etsy shop.

Photo: deersphotography   Make-up: Irina Paun Make-up

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