Paper flowers helped me rediscover the artistry and expressiveness from deep within. Throughout my childhood I drew a lot, mostly nature but also fashion sketches. At school I studied painting and graphic art but I majored in fashion design so, all of these skills revived through the creative process of making paper flowers. I find my inspiration in nature and make drawings to better understand and transpose the shapes into templates. I develop the color theme and paint the paper accordingly, as if the crepe paper is my canvas and the flowers, my finished painting. These artistic skills mixed with the paper flower techniques learned and developed over time, helped transform my original paper blooms into the equivalent of an art piece.

My aesthetic goals are to replicate nature and make everlasting flowers, presented as single stems or bouquets, with highly coordinated, subtle and natural looking color schemes, in pastel variations, with a few strong but muted colors. All of these are showcased through style fine art imagery of dreamy setups and complex flower spreads displayed on painted backdrops.

Mother Nature is the most powerful and unique creator there is and everything I see is a source of inspiration and astonishment. I’m looking forward to the future, to discover where this journey will lead… at the moment I’m adapting my techniques into exploring and creating paper fruits, a new artistic manifestation, which I hope will open the door for many more exciting projects.

As a teacher, I want to share my vision and techniques, the process of developing shapes and colors tones, but I will always encourage you to adapt these to your own methods and explore your creative self.