Paper flower TUTORIALS, creative STUDIES and VIDEO COURSES.

I’ve always received many questions about how I make my art. So I decided to share the knowledge and techniques that I developed over the years, as well as my work aesthetic and creative vision. As a consequence, the courses I create, both written and video, are a window into my artistry and this is the reason why these materials are different from other classic paper flower tutorials.

If you are a fan of my work and if you find yourself wondering how I make my flowers, these courses are a great way to learn

written courses

Paper flower TUTORIALS, STORIES and creative STUDIES.

All of my written courses are visual guides that reveal how to recreate beautiful and intriguing flowers from paper. You must keep in mind that my techniques are complex, with a lot of steps and attention to details. If you are a beginner, it is possible you may find them difficult but also, you have the opportunity to learn some advanced methods that took me years of practice.


To complete the learning experience, I’ve developed a few complex video courses, with additional written visual guides and other materials like personal research and procedural steps. The “Paper Peony” course and a few more are now available… Enjoy these master classes with many hours of video and new techniques!