I make my flowers from 60/90/180 gr. Italian crepe paper and 60/160 gr. German crepe paper, that I like to paint with acrylics, so I can control the color theme in every small detail.  I do not use any plastics, vinyl, beads, or pre-made artificial foliage or stamen.

I make a large variety of flowers in different blooming stages, from buds to fully blossomed: roses, peonies, anemones, ranunculus, hydrangea, all types of english garden roses, succulents, jasmine, proteas, dahlias, poppies, magnolias, poinsettias, berries, dogwood, tulips, sunflowers, freesias, sweet-peas, lisianthus, cherry blossoms, field flowers, hellebores, orchids, daisies and all types of greenery and eucalyptus. I like to constantly enlarge my floral range and try new things so don’t be afraid to ask if there is a particular flower you are interested in… I’ll try my best to create it.

Yes, I sell the flowers I make on my Etsy shop. Take a look to see what’s on stock for the moment.
I dedicate my time making paper flowers courses because so many of you wish to learn from me. This allows me to only take small custom orders like centerpieces for home decoration, small bouquets for gifts or flower wreaths. If you are interested in this type of order, let me know with a few months in advance all the specifics (types of flowers, size, colors, deadline and all other details that are important for you).
I used to make a lot of bridal bouquets but this type of order is very time consuming, so I decided to only make one or two bouquets a year. If you are interested in having a bridal bouquet made by me, let me know with many months in advance. Send me an email with the specifics and I will send a price offer.
Sometimes, I make recreation of real bouquets or wedding bouquets… so if you wish to hold your bridal bouquet one more time, for years to come, or you want to make your wife the most amazing anniversary gift, let me know. I take a limited amount of orders per year so contact me with many months in advance, even one year previous to the occasion. I also reserve the right to turn down orders beyond my capabilities.

I don’t have a standard price offer because I only have time to make a few orders every year, so every customer with his/hers requests is unique. Only after I know all the details, I can make an estimate of the time, workmanship and materials I need in order to make you a price offer.

I can accept an order if the deadline is convenient for me and I’m sure that I will finish in time for shipping.
You have to send me an e-mail or a private message to my Facebook/Instagram page with all the details regarding your order: type (single stem, multiple stems, small centerpiece, bouquet, etc.), deadline, color theme, flower range, shape and size, etc. You can also send reference images with my work or real flowers/bouquets. After we establish all the details, I will make a storyboard that captures all the details of your order, which you have to approve (or modify) and which I will use for my creative process. I will send pictures with the progress and final look. Communication is easy and I’m available most of the time for questions and possible changes.
Yes, I do my best to make that happen. All orders are shipped in cardboard boxes sustained with polystyrene walls inside. I also make a support system for the flowers/bouquet that keeps it still in the box. The rest of the empty space is filled with tissue paper. I usually send pictures with the inside of the box so you can see for yourself.
I take orders from Romania and most E.U. countries, UK, USA, Canada and Australia. I ship with international mail overseas and with regular mail/courier on the European continent.
The paper flowers I create are meant to last forever because I’ve developed special techniques to make the blooms stronger and resistant to time passing and manipulation. You must keep them away from direct sunlight and moisture! One of the reasons I paint my paper with acrylics is that crepe paper colors fade very quickly because of the natural light. By painting it, not only I obtain the shade and details I aim for, but also, I make the paper more stronger and resistant to light. I also use a varnish spray with UV protection that will help the paper that isn’t painted not to fade as much. If you find your flowers need dusting, giving them a gentle shake or just blow on them gently… that should be sufficient. You can also use a soft paint brush to get into the grooves of the paper. The paper flowers I make are generally more resilient than they appear, but you must avoid storing flowers on their sides for long periods of time, and always keep them in a vase. Keep your flowers away from open flames.

…or at least they should be, because we are talking about handmade work and an artistic process, in which every flower is made from scratch – the paper is died and every petal is cut, shaped and glued, one by one. It may take a couple of hours or even one or two days, to make just one flower. You’re paying not only for the material cost and workmanship, but for the hours of research and practice as well. You must know that I pay myself a moderate wage per hour so you can afford to buy my work. I don’t factor the many additional hours I spend managing my business, arranging the order for proper shipping, shopping for supplies and so on. Last, I consider these flowers to be a work of art and the price should reflect that. If you buy, either a single stem, a centerpiece or a bridal bouquet, it’s something that you will have in your home for many years to come.

In the recent years I’ve made a few courses, both written (pdf. format) and video. You can learn more about them on the LEARN WITH ME section from my website.

I’m not hosting real life workshops at the moment.

The courses I make are complex and full of knowledge. I see them as a window into my artistry and creative process. I started to make them because, throughout the years, I always received many questions about how I make my art. So I decided to share the knowledge and techniques that I developed as well as my work aesthetic and creative vision. This is the reason why these materials are different from other classic paper flower tutorials.

If you are a fan of my work and if you find yourself wondering how I make my flowers, these materials are a great way to learn. You must keep in mind that my techniques are complex, with a lot of steps and attention to details. If you are a beginner, it is possible you may find them difficult but also, you have the opportunity to learn some advanced methods, which took me years of practice. For example, I always laminate my papers, which I teach in every course and I love to paint in order to get a realistic effect.

This being said, I sold these courses to many beginner artists that had amazing results. It’s up to you to decide, based on your current experience level.