My name is Cristina Ciovarta and I am a paper flower artist from Romania. The passion for colors, drawing and painting has been in my DNA since I can remember and I’ve always been fascinated by nature, flowers especially. With a complete education in fine arts, studying painting and design, I graduated from The National University of Arts in Bucharest and became a fashion designer. After a few years in this field I discovered paper flowers which completely changed my creative path.
In 2013 I launched my brand called “Christine Paper Design” and I’ve been making paper flowers ever since, accumulating knowledge and experience that I now share through my courses. Throughout all these years of creative work, I imprinted a distinguished personal touch to my flowers, being known for my pictorial aesthetics, realistic details and harmonious color themes.



I’ve always received many questions about how I make my art. So I decided to share the knowledge and techniques that I developed over the years, as well as my work aesthetic and creative vision. As a consequence, all the tutorials and courses that I’ve created, are a window into my artistry and this is the reason why these materials are different from other classic paper flower tutorials. If you are a fan of my work and if you find yourself wondering how I make my flowers, these courses are a great way to learn. You must keep in mind that my techniques are complex, with a lot of steps and attention to details. If you are a beginner, it is possible you may find them difficult but also, you have the opportunity to learn some advanced methods, that took me years of practice. For example, I always laminate my papers, which I teach in every tutorial and I love to paint in order to get a realistic effect. (Contact me if you have any question about my work.)

Let me walk you through all of my courses and tutorials, with a short presentation for each project! 

eucalyptus story

Yet another incredible course!! The level of detail and knowledge that was poured into it is astounding! I would give more than 5 stars if I could! I've already started working on the seeds portion and I'm thrilled with the results. Truly a delight to learn! There was no way I was going to miss out on the opportunity to learn how to craft such lifelike eucalyptus from such a skilled paper flower artist!

dlynn24 May 28, 2023

eucalyptus story

As always Christine’s tutorials are the best. Anyone looking to learn or simply just to find out more about this amazing artwork will not be disappointed with this comprehensive yet well presented and easily digestible tutorial.

Hester Jun 22, 2023

paper anemone tutorial

Another great tutorial by Christine! So many great tips and comprehensive notes to make it so easy to follow. Wish all tutorials you find in the market is as good as Christine’s.

Hester May 14, 2022

paper anemone tutorial

Excellent tutorial! Detailed and very easy to follow, lots of gorgeous photos, templates and examples. I would recommend to an artist of any skill level.

Stephanie Apr 25, 2022

paper anemone tutorial

What a great tutorial package! Christina is detailed and clear in her images and instructions, very well explained and easy to follow for any skill level in paper flower making. Highly recommend it, it is a keepsake, full of beautiful illustrations and many tips to apply to any flower you decide to make. perfection like everything she does!

Marineta May 3, 2022

paper anemone tutorial

Christine's work is beautiful, I've been buying her tutorials for awhile now. She is really responsive to questions and is really encouraging in general. Her tutorials are easy to follow and provide you with so much insight to the process with helpful hints & tips. She has really helped my work in so many ways!

Tate and Mom May 11, 2022

paper dahlia study

I'm working my way through the tutorial now and all the photos and explanations are extremely detailed and well-presented. I'm thoroughly impressed with the meticulous care that went into creating this tutorial and I'll definitely be back for more! Great seller and experience!

Kukubee May 29, 2023

paper dahlia study

A well done tutorial, very clear I would say that for a beginner like me it wasn't exactly easy but this flower is one of my favorites and so I really enjoyed making it. You have to be patient and you'll get there.

Berlea Monica Oct 6, 2023

paper dahlia study

The Cafe Au Last Dahlia-tutorial is my second tutorial from Christine and I am again impressed by its beauty and functionality! Great work, thank you Christine!

Zoeandpaul Aug 5, 2022

paper dahlia study

Such a wonderful and beautiful tutorial! I had been waiting for the launch! I learned so much and I've been making paper flowers for a while! Instructions are clear, easy to follow and the painting techniques can be applied to a number of other types of flowers too.

Linda Dec 25, 2021

paper tulips creative process

I follow Christine on Instagram so was very familiar with her work - incredible, lifelike flowers that are truly pieces of art. Even though I am a beginner, I treated myself to her tulip tutorial. It’s amazing! Detailed instructions, templates, inspirational sketches; it’s all there to turbo charge my growth as a paper flower maker. You can choose to get an overview and start quickly or immerse yourself in the details and theory behind the process. Any level of paper artist will find lots to learn here. Side note: after taking several (in person) painting classes over the years, I’ve found that great painters are not always good teachers. It’s a separate gift to be able to convey knowledge in a way others can understand. Christine has that gift. This tutorial is a treasure!

Susan Jacoby Apr 20, 2023

paper tulips creative process

Comprehensive Tutorial the tulip paper flower tutorial proved a delightful and invaluable resource for any paper flower enthusiast. It’s instructive nature, attention to detail, and emphasis on creativity combined to create an unforgettable and rewarding crafting experience. With each tulip crafted, I felt a growing sense of accomplishment and fell deeper in love with the art of paper flower making. This tutorial is an absolute must-try for anyone seeking an enchanting journey into the world of paper

Anonymous Jul 26, 2023

paper tulips creative process

This tutorial is amazing!! You can tell that so much time and work was put into it so that it’s just like she’s sitting next to you and explaining how to do everything!! Tulips look so simple but I discovered are the most difficult flower I’ve made thus far in my short time of making paper flowers ! Her tutorial is so good at explaining everything and her pictures are so zoomed in and there’s so many of them that I was able to make tulips for my daughter’s wedding bouquet

Tiffany Oct 9, 2023

Paper Freesia Tutorial

Once again, Christine has made another stunning and comprehensive course! Beautiful detail, in depth explanations, and so much knowledge shared. Love it!

Nicole Aug 3, 2023

Paper Freesia Tutorial

Excellent tutorial. Christine literally walks you through with lots of photos and details on how to make some gorgeous freesias.

Hester Mar 19, 2022

Paper Freesia Tutorial

The most beautiful tutorial with clear instructions. Thank you for creating this amazing tutorial.

Kara Jul 27, 2021

Paper Freesia Tutorial

Such a gorgeous flower! This tutorial has loads of artistic and technical information to create this stunning flower. Thank you Christine. You are so talented.

Ellen Jul 7, 2021

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