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…life with amazing colours and paper flowers.

This paper flowers centerpiece was a gift of a husband to his beloved wife… beautiful isn’t it? …the colour combination is unique and full of live and the flowers …oh, the flowers are my life.

paper flowers centerpiece paper flowers centerpiece (2) paper flowers centerpiece (3) paper flowers centerpiece (4)

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Wedding centerpiece, lace decorated carafes and lovely paper flowers

This was a big project for me …to do the flower arrangement for Andreea’s wedding.

My idea for the contry style restaurant of her wedding, was a mix of carafes in two shapes, with cotton lace decoration and pastel coloured paper flowers like, gradient pink-ivory peonies, lilac and salmon pink roses and dahlias, with a touch of purple peony buds and natural lavender for a delicate smell. The guests where wery happy to leave the wedding with a flower carafe – a memory thet will never fade.

paperflowers bohemian centerpieceThank you, my dear Andreea, for your choice and confidence in me! I hope your wedding will inspire many more to come.


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Paper flowers centerpiece in retro, soft colours.

   My dear friend Anca receved this shabby chic sprinkler as a gift so I’ve made a paper flowers arrangement inspired by it, with soft colours like beige, peach, white lilac, rosybrown, seagreen, with a touch of royal blue… a delightful combination with paper roses,  ranunculus, hydrangea, lilies and a big bloomed peony.

paperflowers centerpiece

(…un aranjament floral pentru o draga prietena, Anca,  cu flori si culori inspirate de o stropitoare shabby chic: trandafiri, ranunculusi, crini si bujori, in nuante de beige, roz piersica, lila, maro rosiatic, verde pal, cu accente puternice de albastru regal. Sunt indragostita de aceste culori rafinate care sper sa va inspire si pe voi.)


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Romantic and feminine paper flowers centerpiece.


Soft and delicate paper flowers arrangement, the perfect gift for a special and very loved godmother: beautiful paper orchids and peonies, in shades of salmon pink, pale and baby pink, ivory and cream …simple yet complex, romantic and very feminin mix.

aranjament orhidee(Aranjament floral delicat, feminin si pastelat, din flori de hartie – orhidee si bujori …un cadoul pentru o persoana draga, o nasa foarte iubita.)


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