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Video Course Release – Paper Pomegranate branch with flowers and leaves!

I’m happy to announce the release of my first VIDEO course – PAPER POMEGRANATE!

The course is hosted by Flower and Jane. She has this amazing online school and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to share my knowledge. This class is part of her NEW BOTANICAL REALISM series: STILL LIFE – paper fruits and vegetables. Take a look!

A companion materials kit is available from Petals and Pearls. Link takes you to the online Petals and Pearls shop listing.

Enroll so you can discover and enjoy a lot of techniques, some of them new and full of surprises. This journey will unfold through out hours of video, revealing all the details of my work, step by step, with written instructions and many useful materials for you to use.

It’s like you are in my studio for a few days and get to watch my every move! 

This online video-based course is suited for both beginners and advanced artists. You will learn the necessary skills to create a paper pomegranate, using a basic list of materials. If you feel comfortable and confident enough, you can go deeper into this course and learn how to make the buds, flowers and leaves. I will show you how to obtain a lifelike expression by painting all of the elements with acrylics and also, how to build and color a half-fruit with seeds. 

The final challenge is putting all of these elements together to assemble a pomegranate tree branch.  If you decide to enroll in this creative journey with me, I’m sure you will find many uses for all the knowledge and inspiration I will share, either to make a decoration project for your home, or dive deeper in this crafty art form that I dearly love.