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The Paper Eucalyptus Story

A gathering of ideas and techniques, in a pdf. course with 207 pages, that reveals how to make authentic botanical greens.

In this course I plan to teach you everything I know about making eucalyptus leaves. I will walk you through this creative process, step by step, with over more than 1300 photos and text instructions that reveal how to achieve the eucalyptus delicate gray-green-blue colors, the small and fascinating seeds and how to work with different techniques and creative methods, in order to make the most common and often used eucalyptus, in centerpieces and bouquets: silver dollar and seeded eucalyptus, willow, true blue and baby blue eucalyptus.

This STORY is divided in 2 Chapters:
* Course 1 reveals everything about the eucalyptus color tones, laminating different paper weights, all the techniques you need to know for making eucalyptus leaves, painting styles, how to make the seeds or berries, templates, drawings and personal research.
* Course 2 reveals how I assemble each eucalyptus stems using my favorite techniques, papers and colors for each type.

After you will master all of these techniques, you can adapt them for other types of greens.
In order to make the eucalyptus stems presented on these materials you need to have some experience with paper flowers, but if you are a beginner, I’m sure you will be able to make some of the greens presented – you will learn a lot of useful information that will help you make a big progress in your work.

This Study is available to purchase on my etsy shop but you can also buy it directly from me (contact me).