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Paper Tulips Creative Process

A detailed course with a beautiful tulip variety, different techniques, realistic details, clear instructions, coloring and shaping tips.

My latest project, a beautiful creative process of making different types of paper tulips, contains 4 PDF documents with more than 800 images and text, templates for each project and personal drawings.

Because there is such a rich tulip variety in the world, I couldn’t stop at just one tulip and a simple tutorial. The inspiration is endless and so is my love for this flower. So I decided to take you on a tulip journey with me, where I will show you the basics of making a simple tulip but also a lot of coloring techniques, working with all the paper weights, making different petal styles, creating realistic details, center elements (pistil and stamen), stems and leaves.

I’ve been making this flower for the past few years, so I gathered a lot of knowledge, experience and useful tricks that I decided to share with you. This course is meant to teach you the skills needed to make this flower so you can continue to explore the world of tulips on your own. Start with the simple yellow tulip from the first pages so you will become familiarized with the main techniques and the most important aspect – shaping the tulip petal. It looks like a simple flower but it’s not… in order to get that concave shape, you will need to learn some important skills.

After you master the first part of this course, I invite you to emerge in a sea of tulip magic: coloring styles, different mediums and realistic details. Take from this what you think it’s useful for your own aesthetics.

To be able to make this project you have to have some experience with paper flowers and you need to purchase the supplies (like crepe paper, glue and acrylic colors).

The quality of my paper flowers is revealed in all the tutorials I make. The attention to detail is very important to me so, take advantage of this opportunity and see how I work. This material is unique, rich with information and has a lot of potential to improve your own creative process.

If you have bought my previous materials you will find that I use some similar techniques but with a different approach. This Study is available to purchase on my etsy shop but you can also buy it directly from me (contact me).


Peony, the king of spring flowers!

I will never get tired of remaking this amazing flower, over and over again. With every peony I make I discover something new about it… the petal diversity is incredible!

Pink peonies and blue hydrangea make such a vibrant and joyful combination… I had the opportunity to use these lovely mix of flowers in a bouquet!

Autumn story, soft notes and beautiful pastel flowers

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons and I feel very inspired to create and work with soft tones of pastels. This ivory, nude, soft pink, brown color theme was perfect for this lovely project, Tell a Story – Wedding Photography Workshop  created by  Julius Paul

I was so happy to be a part of this team! Take a look to see the full story if you wish!

…thoughts fom my lovely girls!

 It’s been ten years since I discovered paper flowers (late 2012) and it’s a love story that’s getting stronger every day!

My room is always full of flowers …amazing, colorful and sweet paper flowers that I’ve made for YOU, for your beautiful day, maybe your dream wedding bouquet, or to give as a gift to your loved ones.

Thank you for your thrust in me and in my talent …for this I am grateful!

Being a paper flower artist is at mix between being an artisan, an artist, a designer, or perhaps a bit of all of them combined.  Paper blooms combine colors, shape and craftsmanship is such an unique way, that gives me the amazing opportunity to replicate nature.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my thoughts and ideas throw my art. I am immensely happy to be a part of your life through my flowers and my work …and when I have a positive feedback from all of you, my heart is pounding with joy and happiness.