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A bridal bouquet – the perfect design!

After so many years of creating paper flowers bridal bouquets I can say that I know how to master this field. I enjoy making projects that are creative and complex, with lots of flower types, sizes and shapes. This beauty is an example of my vision for the perfect bridal bouquet!

It has color and texture, the size is just right and the flower mix is incredible.

You can discover so many flowers but, I think the main attraction is the red Pink Ice Protea and the Frittilaria Tulips which give the color touch. The anemone, butterfly ranunculus and dogwood ad the sweetness and delicacy.

In the end, the delicate english garden roses ad the romantic touch, all the small filler flowers give texture and the variety of leaves complete the design!

Coral charm peonies in a bridal bouquet recreation!

I often make bridal bouquets having as an inspiration a real bouquet… also I love to make recreation of real wedding bouquets if I find them beautiful and inspirational… so if you wish to hold your bridal bouquet one more time, for years to come, let me know!

recreation of a bridal bouquet - Christine paper design (1) recreation of a bridal bouquet - Christine paper design (2)

Paper magnolia tutorial

I hope this tutorial is the first step of many more to come.

I learned to make paper flowers by myself studying images of real flowers ….I must be honest with you, I think this is the way to go so that you can be truly unique and creative in your work. Tutorials can be helpfull at first, to learn the necesary skills, but always remember to study nature.

The photographs are made by my dear friends from Deersphotography… take a look at their website to see how talented they are! I love them!

Christine paper design - magnolia tutorial (1)

I love magnolias! It’s one of my favorite flower… I think it’s the perfect choice for this first tutorial, at the beginning of spring.

…but first, I have to share some guidelines about my aesthetic. I mix the paper flower techniques with my love for colors and painting thats why I paint my paper so I can obtain the colour I whant. I love mixing paint and discovering new shades all the time. I work with Italian crepe paper and acrilyc colors… I treat the paper like it’s my canvas. I think this type of paper is perfect for my vision…it’s thick and very resistant. I’m not sure I can teach you how to paint the paper and mix the colours because it’s an artistic proces… it comes from deep within and I don’t work with recipes. I use to be a painter, I went to art school so… it’s a know how from many years of practice and study.

Christine paper design - magnolia tutorial (2) Christine paper design - magnolia tutorial (3) Christine paper design - magnolia tutorial (4) Christine paper design - magnolia tutorial (5) Christine paper design - magnolia tutorial (6) Christine paper design - magnolia tutorial (7)

I’m happy that I was able to share this with you! I hope you will enjoy it!

Christine paper design - magnolia tutorial (9) Christine paper design - magnolia tutorial (10)

Peonies mania and a colourful bridal bouquet!

       Who doesn’t love peonies?… I for one, have an obsession with these lovely flowers and I think a bridal bouquet with lots of peonies and greenery is, sometimes, a wonderful choice for a wedding.

Paper peonies - Christine Paper Design

bridal bouquet - Christine paper design bridal bouquet with peonies - Christine paper design DSC_0906 …cine nu iubeste bujorii? Eu cel putin am o mica obsesie pentru aceste flori carnoase si bogate, de aceea cred ca un buchet cu multi bujori colorati si multa verdeata poate fi, uneori, cea mai buna alegere pentru un buchet de mireasa.

A bridal bouquet with lots of anemone and ranunculus!

     I had the privilege to make this amazing bridal bouquet, big and luscious, for a wedding in the south of France and a bride called Marpesa – such an unique and beautiful name! She wanted a bouquet with lots of anemone, ranunculus, peonies, roses and greenery. I will always cherish the memory of this experience and the process of making this bouquet for her.paper anemone - Christinepaperdesign paper flowers bridal bouquet - Christinepaperdesign paper flowers centerpiece - Christinepaperdesign

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