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Lovely handmade Christmas wreaths!

I love the winter holidays and every year I try to capture this magical season with some of my paper flowers. Wreaths are my favorite and I love to create them, so If you wish to make a beautiful gift, this can be the perfect way to go. I can make a custom order for you, if you contact me in advance. For this time of year, I usually mix paper flowers and leaves with dried plats and the beauty of these lovely wreaths is that they never fade, you can use them as a decoration for many years to come.Christmas wreats (1 ) Christmas wreats (2) Christmas wreats (3) Christmas wreats (5 ) Christmas wreats (9 )


Coral charm peonies in a bridal bouquet recreation!

I often make bridal bouquets having as an inspiration a real bouquet… also I love to make recreation of real wedding bouquets if I find them beautiful and inspirational… so if you wish to hold your bridal bouquet one more time, for years to come, let me know!

recreation of a bridal bouquet - Christine paper design (1) recreation of a bridal bouquet - Christine paper design (2)

Poetry bride – handmade wedding accessories

This is an unique, handmade, bridal headpiece collection, designed for my special brides with delicate paper flowers, pearl and lace embroidery, semi precious stones and crystals.

If you wish to have this bohemian look you can buy these on my etsy shop.

Photo: deersphotography   Make-up: Irina Paun Make-up

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A bridal bouquet with lots of anemone and ranunculus!

     I had the privilege to make this amazing bridal bouquet, big and luscious, for a wedding in the south of France and a bride called Marpesa – such an unique and beautiful name! She wanted a bouquet with lots of anemone, ranunculus, peonies, roses and greenery. I will always cherish the memory of this experience and the process of making this bouquet for her.paper anemone - Christinepaperdesign paper flowers bridal bouquet - Christinepaperdesign paper flowers centerpiece - Christinepaperdesign

…thoughts fom my lovely girls!

Art, colors, painting, drawing … all of this was my universe since I can remember.  So, in a way, paper flowers was the natural thing for me, a way of combining all of my skills! It’s been almost eight years since I discovered paper flowers (late 2012) and it’s a love story that’s getting stronger every day!

My room is always full of flowers …amazing, colorful and sweet paper flowers that I’ve made for YOU, for your beautiful day, your dream wedding, or to give as a gift to your loved ones.

Thank you for your thrust in me and in my talent …for this I am grateful!

 For me, being a paper flower maker, is at a crossroads between being an artisan, an artist, or a designer, or perhaps a bit of all of them combined.  Paper flowers mix colors, shape and craftsmanship is such an unique way, that gives me the amazing opportunity to replicate nature.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my thoughts and ideas throw my art. I am immensely happy to be a part of your life through my flowers and my work …and when I have a positive feedback from all of you my heart is pounding with joy and happiness.

Christine paper design - paper ranunculus and anemone

Christine paper design -anemone