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Paper Anemone Tutorial

A visual guide with different techniques, realistic details, clear instructions, coloring and shaping tips.

*Paper Anemone Tutorial* is a 67 pages material and 4 template pages with different petal styles and personal drawings.This creative study will take you on a complex journey, starting with a simple flower, easy to make, with a minimum amount of petals, followed by more complex and elaborate anemones, with different petal templates. I also used some real flowers as an inspiration source and you will receive some of my drawings and sketches. Also, you will learn the system behind the anemone petal placement.

For these anemone flowers I used different types of crepe paper: the lovely German Werola 160 gr for the first versions, but also the stretchy and fine Italian 90 gr paper, from Cartotecnica Rossi.

I’ve recreated this flower many times and I’m sure you will learn something new from this material which you can use and adapt to your own work aesthetics. If you have bought some of my previous materials you will find that I use some similar techniques.
Visit my Instagram account @christinepaperdesign (the guide/reel/IGTV section) to find some video materials and other “behind the scene” moments.

If you have bought my previous materials you will find that I use some similar techniques but with a different approach. This Study is available to purchase on my etsy shop but you can also buy it directly from me (contact me).

Paper Freesia Tutorial

A step by step visual guide of 42 pages with 150 images and whitten explanations  that capture my creative process of making paper freesias.

   This year, one of my customers wanted to give a paper freesia bouquet to her beloved mother and I took the challenge. I think I did a pretty good job capturing the elegant shape of this flower. I had so much fun making these beauties and I decided to capture the process with some photos and share it with you.

A few tips:

These paper freesias are made with German crepe paper (Gloria Doublette and 160 gr. Werola) painted with acrylic colors and Pan Pastels. I’ve gathered throughout the years many types of colors and papers so I have plenty to work with to demonstrate my vision for the paper freesia creative process. But I know it’s expensive and complicated to buy all of these supplies (if you don’t have them already). You can find all the crepe paper you need for this tutorial on and (for European Countries)

If you are a beginner and don’t have a lot of materials on stock, here are some tips for you:

  • use the paper you have for the moment – practice is very important;
  • skip the coloring process and make use of the paper’s real color;
  • if you find that laminating the paper (a process I use a lot in all my work) is very difficult skip it and use the paper as it is… in time, you will get the hang of the lamination technique and became better and better (it took me a lot of practice to master this process so be patient with yourself).

I hope you will enjoy this creative process as much as I do and please, fell free to ask for my help in private (e-mail or DM on Instagram) if you need it. I will be happy to see your freesias and share your work (just tag me to let me know you posted the flowers made with this tutorial).

This tutorial has a PDF file – 42 pages, a TEMPLATE page and a supply doc. It’s in English language and has a “text only” part at the end that you can copy and use Google Translate. Find it on my etsy shop.

You can also buy it directly from me, with a lower price: contact me and i will email you all the details.

Happy freesias everyone!



Paper magnolia tutorial

I hope this tutorial is the first step of many more to come.

I learned to make paper flowers by myself studying images of real flowers ….I must be honest with you, I think this is the way to go so that you can be truly unique and creative in your work. Tutorials can be helpfull at first, to learn the necesary skills, but always remember to study nature.

The photographs are made by my dear friends from Deersphotography… take a look at their website to see how talented they are! I love them!

Christine paper design - magnolia tutorial (1)

I love magnolias! It’s one of my favorite flower… I think it’s the perfect choice for this first tutorial, at the beginning of spring.

…but first, I have to share some guidelines about my aesthetic. I mix the paper flower techniques with my love for colors and painting thats why I paint my paper so I can obtain the colour I whant. I love mixing paint and discovering new shades all the time. I work with Italian crepe paper and acrilyc colors… I treat the paper like it’s my canvas. I think this type of paper is perfect for my vision…it’s thick and very resistant. I’m not sure I can teach you how to paint the paper and mix the colours because it’s an artistic proces… it comes from deep within and I don’t work with recipes. I use to be a painter, I went to art school so… it’s a know how from many years of practice and study.

Christine paper design - magnolia tutorial (2) Christine paper design - magnolia tutorial (3) Christine paper design - magnolia tutorial (4) Christine paper design - magnolia tutorial (5) Christine paper design - magnolia tutorial (6) Christine paper design - magnolia tutorial (7)

I’m happy that I was able to share this with you! I hope you will enjoy it!

Christine paper design - magnolia tutorial (9) Christine paper design - magnolia tutorial (10)