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Hydrangea and peonies, simple but stylish!

     Sometimes simplicity is the best choice! …giant hydrangea with shades of ivory, cream and blue for the bridal bouquet, ivory peonies with eucalyptus leaves and a touch of blue for the godmothers bouquet! Beautiful paper flowers and a memory for a lifetime!

1 Christine paper design - bridal bouquets

     (Uneori alegerile cele mai simple sunt si cele mai frumoase! …o hortensie gigant din hartie pentru buchetul miresei si bujori infloriti cu frunze de eucalipt, pentru buchetul nasei, toate in nuante de ivory, crem si bleu cu accente de albastru.)

2.Christine paper design - giant hydrangea bouquet 3'. Christine paper design - paper flowers 4.Christine paper design - peonie bridal bouquet 5.Christine paper design - flower crown

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